Meet Our Team

Sead Fadilpasic
Sead writes on Information Technology, including Cloud, Internet of Things, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. previously, Sead worked for a number of large media publications including Al Jazeera. Sead is an avid guitar player and enjoys a good game of football (soccer). You can find more of his work on, and
Richard Hand
Richard has worked in Canadian newsrooms (CBC, CP) as videographer, copywriter, editor and reporter. He has a deep-rooted interest in global affairs, not to exclude galactic ones and beyond. Travel is a constant allure with a preference to stay in one area for extended periods and absorb what it has to offer. When not traveling, writing or being a general bon vivant, he teaches English as a second language.
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Susmita Pathak Mishra
I work full time as both an online news reporter and a mother of two. I have completed a Masters degree in Journalism & Mass Communication. You'll be able to find more of my work on Australia Network News and Yibada.
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Althea Estrella Violeta
I have been writing news, journals, reviews, and Op-Eds ever since I was in high school, spanning almost two decades now. I was a contributor for Poptard Magazine, Mashgeek, and Autism Daily Newscast, and I'm currently an editor at N4BB. When I'm not writing, I'm a student rushing my way into law school — because I believe we all have a part to do in this world.
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Shaona Saha
I graduated in Journalism from Calcutta University in 2006 and have amassed a varied portfolio of works over the past 8 years with various publications. These include Morning Ledger, IB Times, Australia Network News and Yibada.
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Sohini Basak
A professional writer and a passionate traveller, I completed my masters in Journalism and Mass Communication from Calcutta University. You'll find me published in the Morning News USA and Yibada professionally. Poetry and creative writing are my hobbies and you can find my work at
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Nick Camov
By day I’m a Marketing Manager, by night I’m a writer focussing on food, business, entrepreneurship and technology. I also run food photo-blog with almost 20,000 followers. On the weekend, you’ll find me hanging out at the latest café or restaurant with my camera at the ready to snap some shots of great food! If I’m lucky to catch a break from a busy week, you’ll find me relaxing at home with a great movie and a glass of wine.
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Marivic Cabural
Marivic Cabural holds a B.A. in Mass Communication. She has more than ten years of experience as a professional writer/journalist. She is also an author/editor at Profit Confidential and Rebyu. She has written for Icannwiki, ValueWalk, OppTrends, The Motley Fool, and other websites. Marivic is a former Young Ambassador of Goodwill for the Ship for Southeast Asian Youth and Japanese Program (SSEAYP).